No, this is not a paid plug for Lockwood, but an issue that is relevant with the massive subdivisions planned in Waikanae — trustworthy builders.

Like all occupations, there are good and bad practitioners and when it comes to a major investment for anybody, you want to ensure that things are going to be done right first time.   The cost, to say nothing of the distress, of putting right bad work done by cowboys is likely to be substantial.  This is where the council comes in — inspections have to be meticulous and by the book, not just for the benefit of the homeowner, but because of the council’s own legal liability from passing something that isn’t up to code.  Some builders don’t bother with getting permits, of course — if buying an existing home, always check with the council that alterations have been permitted.

A crucial step to take is to check out the contractors, including by going to their previous customers and seeing what they have done. Check with their suppliers, too – do have have a good credit status? If not, avoid. Reputable professionals are happy to be checked out; it’s the crooks who don’t (and there is no shortage of the latter).


Reader’s Digest contracts Catalyst Research to undertake an annual ‘New Zealand’s Most Trusted’ survey, which uncovers the most trustworthy professions, people and brands across various categories.

The Home Building category was introduced in 2013 as a response to the many issues that the building industry has faced in recent years and to acknowledge the importance of trust with what is often the single biggest purchasing commitment a person can make.

We have been setting an industry benchmark for craftsmanship and design in home building for 65 years and remain humbled and grateful for this recognition.

We continually strive to reflect modern home building changes that have brought us into the forefront of contemporary home design, without losing any of the strength and durability the system is recognised for. Our building system is precision engineered and has been proven in all situations, standing up strong in cyclones, earthquakes and all kinds of extreme environmental challenges.

Our commitment to CodeMark, sustainability and now Lifemark Accreditation, is not only a recognition of our devotion to excellence, it is a continued challenge to us to keep improving our systems, our design and our relationships whilst keeping our eyes firmly focussed on the future.

After six decades of producing naturally solid, safe and secure homes and buildings, so many people live in or have spent a part of their lives in a Lockwood home.

Many of them have become passionate brand ambassadors and have voted for us.