Sue Lusk has now forwarded the minutes of the 11 August meeting which run to 3 pages, but here above are more comments from the discussion on the town centre.

As can be seen, they were diverse and conceptual.  Presumably ‘business hub’ means businesses involved in services rather than products.

Adding an extra story for apartments to the buildings (which would make 3 stories in some places, 2 in others) is a dubious thing to do: an enclosed square flanked by three stories can become dark and uninviting (we’re not sure what the reference to Rymans means — the recent Charles Fleming complex does have something of a fortress look to it from the outside, but ‘dark tunnels’?)

Metlink does need a nominal caretaker with keys to ensure the toilets inside the Waikanae station are open longer than just when the ticket agent is there.  The station has security cameras.

And twinning with another similiar town overseas sounds a good idea — something the new Community Board can look at.