Jeremy Seamark

We have heard lots of positive comments about Jeremy and he has shown commitment to Waikanae. He is running for the third time for the community board (the first time in the 2013 general election and again in last year’s by-election when he polled second behind Michael Scott’s protégé Jill Lloyd).  His billboard above uses one of Geoffrey Churchman’s photos from February last year and a photo of him and his dog taken by Sue Lusk. He supports the building of a reservoir dam on the river and a new underpass for the railway crossing.

“It takes time and effort to do this, but I love living in Waikanae; my childhood memories are here and now my children are making their memories, which was one of the main reasons I helped to get the Waikanae Show back off the ground, to help my children and yours to have those memories too!

“There are big changes coming for our little town: with the motorway coming our population will increase which means development and that means infrastructure! Will our already strained river handle that ? More bore water will have to be put into the river to compensate for that and that’s not good for the environment.

“I am not against growth, but we need to think about how we can accommodate the growth and keep Waikanae’s and the wider Kapiti Coast’s uniqueness. A vote for me is a vote for you because I live and work among you and I always listen to what the people I talk to have to say. We have the bones of ideas, but it is by talking to people that the meat goes on them as an old friend of mine used to say!”