Both Jeremy Seamark and Margaret Stevenson-Wright separately told us today that they were surprised by the little alliance evident by the election hoardings stating “we’re on the same wavelength” showing photos of WCB candidates Louise Aitken and Tonchi Begovich with incumbent members James Westbury and Jocelyn Prvanov, particularly considering Louise Aitken had been telling Jeremy for two years that she wanted to see a complete change in the WCB membership.

Not only that, at least one of them must have told the council to find out if Jeremy and Margaret had permission from the property owner for their signs (they did).

At least this dispels the belief that all the incumbent members, including Eric Gregory, Jill Lloyd and Michael Scott, are a cozy little club.

Still, is this a public association one which will really benefit that foursome? At the beach residents meeting yesterday, Angela Buswell asked Eric Gregory (the present chairman) why they decided to cancel the scheduled August meeting; are there not important matters that the board needs to discuss, regardless of whether, the excuse given, there were only three grants applications, of which only one met criteria?  Are the WCB members not paid to have eight public meetings a year?

Like us, WCB candidate David Roil feels that the incumbent WCB members are jaded, lack commitment and are cynical about their positions — that meeting cancellation is just the latest reason for complaint.