ccdhbHaving now mentioned the other elections, we ought to mention this.

On page 4 of the ballot paper there are 20 candidates for 7 board members on the board of this public health service body, of which the best known establishments are the Wellington and Kenepuru Hospitals.  You can read about what it does here.

Its northern boundary is basically the northern boundary of the Waikanae Ward, so those in the Otaki Ward come under the MidCentral District Health Board.

A few Kapiti candidates for the councils (KCDC and GWRC) have mentioned things they would like to see the C&CDHB doing (e.g. an overnight hospital bed at the Kapiti Centre), although they aren’t standing for it.

As the functioning of the C&CDHB doesn’t get a lot of media coverage, and its board almost none, we figure most electors will ignore this page, just vote for names they know, or ‘donkey vote’ the list. Nevertheless, we suggest reading the candidate statements and vote for those whose stated emphasis is the same as your emphasis.

We hope that a seat on this board for Ross Church will be a retirement job from being Mayor of Kapiti…