Dougherty, second from right, seems pleased with himself.

Just got a call from someone at the council:

A ratepayer spent hours waiting to have his three minutes say. Finally he stood at the rostrum and said he would be recording what he says. The Mayor objected, but the ratepayer said he would not turn off his recorder. The security guard was called, the chamber emptied, but the ratepayer wouldn’t leave, and said he had a right to be there. Two police were called. Then another two, with Dougherty ranting about the ratepayer going to be trespassed, as is the custom of this jumped up petty tyrant.

Again these sniveling, gutless bastards have shown themselves to be at war with Kapiti ratepayers, ganging up on a lone individual who sought three minutes worth after waiting hours. He didn’t even get a chance to say what the subject was.

Joel Maxwell [of the Kapiti Observer] showed up, but whether this will be reported is another matter. [It has been, the link is here]

It seems fitting that the final meeting for this dysfunctional council ended in this manner.


Kapiti voters can get rid of Ross Church with a simple number “6” on their ballot paper like he got from us.  That can’t be done with Dougherty, unfortunately. However, the provisions in his contract with the council is something that the next council needs to look at.  [-Eds]