Geoffrey’s vote has more than doubled from last year’s by-election. 🙂  But it wasn’t enough to win. Until we see the iteration report we won’t know how close the first preference votes were, but there can’t have been much in it between the the top three.

We knew that the size of Michael Scott’s network in the town would make him hard to unseat, and our campaign was very low key with no hoardings and no advertising. Having a lower leg in a cast ruled out any hustings activity like door knocking for Geoffrey.

Only one of our recommendations for the Community Board — Jeremy Seamark — was successful. 🙁

The excellent news, though, is that Ross Church has been deposed as mayor!  We expected Guru to win and he has handsomely!  Gavin Welsh has also gone, no loss.  Angela Buswell we liked and she has topped the District-wide poll.  With her, plus David Scott and Jackie Elliott back again, the council looks better than it was before.