gbc-wbI was gratified by all the support expressed during the campaign and the result was very close. Although there were only 9 votes at the second iteration between myself and second placed Iride McCloy (1587 to 1596), I have decided not to seek an official recount as that is still too many for likely counting errors, and we don’t know who preferences from her voters would have favoured if I was number 2 at that stage.

Clearly, there was much dissatisfaction with Michael Scott; not only his own poor vote, but his two close associates, Eric Gregory and Jill Lloyd, were dropped by electors off the Community Board.

Michael Scott has also lost his prime supporter on the council, former Mayor Ross Church.

In answer to the question from several people as to whether I will run again in 2019: it depends totally on Michael Scott.  If he continues to disappoint, then in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger — “I’ll be back”.