We saw on the news yesterday reports of more looting in Christchurch from evacuated homes; rather appropriately, this happens to be Fraud Awareness week.  Like everyone else we get the creative fiction e-mails from Nigeria and the announcements that we have won lotteries we know nothing about.  However, fraud doesn’t stop there.

From Sue Lusk’s Destination Waikanae Facebook page:

Just be careful out there with scams in all their nasty forms – Elise had a scammer phone the landline yesterday saying they were from EQC and asking if she would be home today as they are checking properties in Waikanae for earthquake damage. She asked for a number to call them back on and of course they got off the phone.

Ginny has also shared the Stuff Link from EQC and the police underlining that this is a real problem: stuff article

If you’re not sure whether you’ve been targeted by scammers, come and see us at Citizens Advice Bureau Kapiti. We can also help you figure out what to do if you have fallen for a scam already.

“Like” Scams NZ to keep tabs on known and new scams as well

And please don’t hesitate to ring the Citizens Advice Bureau in Kapiti for advice on this and anything else that is worrying you – from employment issues to tenancies to faulty appliances – we can find help for you on just about everything – phone 04 298 4944 or e-mail kapiti@cab.org.nz