by Katherine Corich, a New Zealand-born, London-based businesswomen and philanthropist.

“My hometown is Waikanae, home to the famous Waikanae River. The lower areas of the river are flooding zones, and over the last several decades this flooding has become much worse. It was, to be quite honest, a mess. I shudder to think what it would have looked like by the time our grandchildren have grown up.

“So what did we do? The Friends of the Waikanae River is a group of community-minded people who decided to adopt the river. Over the last 20 years, they have replanted the entire corridor with native trees and wildlife [this presumably comes with the trees and bushes].

“The results are stunning. People come from all around to see. Landowners previously led cows right up the river, but this no longer happens.  The good health of the river will be enjoyed now for generations.”

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Pouring big quantities of bore water into the river from the ‘recharge system’ is controversial, however.  See earlier posts. — [Eds]