From the NZ Herald :-

A rampaging possum forced a woman to barricade herself in a hallway while it wreaked havoc inside a West Auckland house.

Fire Service northern shift manager Jaron Phillips said a caller dialled 111 after she was being terrorised by a wild possum in her home.

She had retreated to a hallway in her Kumeu home for protection, locking herself out of harm’s way while the possum destroyed her lounge.

Phillips said firefighters found the very tired animal hiding in the corner of the lounge.

The possum had damaged a few items of furniture and soiled throughout the room.

The frightened animal was ushered out an open door and escaped back into the trees.

But isn’t it a little irresponsible to let a pest escape back into the trees?

In the 11 years we’ve been in Waikanae we’ve not seen a single possum; no doubt a result of the GWRC, and at least one property business, dumping big quantities of brodifacoum and pindone around Waikanae and its water catchment areas which has poisoned them all — plus a lot of other wildlife. But they show no signs of stopping this dumping.  The manufacturers of the poisons must rub their hands with glee at their profits.