Another pic on the Kapiti Coast History Facebook page is this one of the then few remaining 1950s-era 3-car electric multiple unit sets, affectionately restored in 2006 and named ‘Cyclops’ for obvious reasons. (Not obvious? Well, it’s that big centre headlight).

These actually did routinely go to Paraparaumu before electrification, but not under their own power: at Paekakariki where the wires ended, a locomotive was attached and took them the 10 km to Paraparaumu and then back to Paekakariki.

Despite winning a restoration award at the time, ‘Cyclops’ is now languishing on a siding north of Upper Hutt, according to one reader of the Facebook page, which if the case, is a shame.  It should be inside a museum.

This also shows the footbridge which people thought would be moved to Waikanae: but it’s clear why it wasn’t: not suitable for wheelchairs, so politically incorrect.

Waikanae passengers since 2011 have thus had to make long detour walks to the pedestrian crossings at the Elizabeth St intersection; or chance it with the traffic on SH1. (Emma Hardwick pic)