bigbangA little stir for a normally quiet town… Some 20 people on the Neighbourly website have commented on reported big bangs heard about 9:20 pm on Sunday; examples:-

“We are in Sunny Glen and it was VERY LOUD here but can’t see where it was from!!”

“I’m in Kohekohe Road and heard 2 large bangs not long ago, sounded like explosion not far from me, maybe Karu Cresc, Te Moana Rd”

There were even more commentators on the Kapiti Coast Facebook page :-

“We are on Te Moana Road, right near Rata Street. There was a VERY loud explosion, shortly followed by a quiet boom, and then another loud Boom a little while after that. Sounded very very close.”

“Fireworks? Probably homemade if they are as loud as people say. Used to have idiot neighbours that would make their own homemade fireworks, then in the middle of the night would let one off. Would sound like a cannon going off.”

“It was on Rata St and it wasn’t fireworks – we saw a man with wires, compost an a battery leading out the the centre of the street – we asked what the hell was going on and he looked flustered and was packing it up, if you go down Rata St you will see the black explosion mark!!! He said he was having a birthday party but definitely not!!! Police have been notified!!!!”

“I’ve just spoken to someone who knows. The Police did come last night and I hope they have charged the idiot. It was a pyrotechnic device. The idiot who set it off was celebrating his mother’s birthday – she lives in Rata Street.”

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