a screen shot from a Facebook video showing a pink hatchback going up the southbound off-ramp at Te Moana Road; presumably the driver intended to drive north and this was the driver’s first time at this interchange.

The biggest problems reported have been at the merging area southbound at Poplar Avenue where the run-up is very short for vehicles entering the old SH1 south of it, although there is the 70 km/h speed restriction in this area still which somewhat limits the crash potential.

The run-ups otherwise are longer than usual and those in both directions at Te Moana Road are quite long.

Contrary to some people’s belief, cyclists are allowed on the ‘Ewy’ as it’s not designated as a Motorway, although we don’t fathom why they would want to be on it as there is the dedicated cycleway/foothpath/bridle path. Our only observation of silliness has been a cyclist on the inner shoulder of the Ewy going north.  A police car with its lights flashing stopped next to him, presumably to tell him to use the outer shoulder instead.

Coming back from Wellington this afternoon (leaving about 4 pm) there was the usual crawl section north of Plimmerton, although that had completely eased once out of Paekakariki and from there to Te Moana Road was quite light traffic.

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