Guy Burns, Deputy Chair, Raumati Paraparaumu Community Board is pleased Council has adopted the Board’s recommendation (as proposed by Bernie Randall) to restart development at Raumati Beach Town Centre.

Kapiti Coast District Council at its meeting of 2 March moved to investigate short term measures to improve the environment at Raumati Village and consider further work as part of the Long Term Plan process. Over 15 Raumati Beach businesses attended the Council meeting in support of the Community Board’s resolution.

“There is too much focus developing Waikanae village and Paraparaumu Coastlands area. Over $40 million has been earmarked for spending in these areas, this amount should be drastically reduced with some of the money spent in Raumati Beach, Raumati South, Waikanae Beach and Otaki Beach, at a minimum.”

Guy Burns

Deputy Chair, Raumati/Paraparaumu Community Board

89 Leinster Ave.Raumati South

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Does the council need to spend anything at Waikanae Beach?  Most people seem happy with the way it is. The only thing we have commented on — two years ago — is the low retaining wall by the sand dunes by the Waimea café carpark. The town centre is triste, however, and a makeover of council-owned areas there is just as badly needed as in Raumati – [Eds]