the east end from this perspective looks like a kiwi

from the change.org website –

KCDC reaffirms that the hedge must be cut!!!

MAR 17, 2017 — We met with KCDC Mayor Gurunathan and General Manager of Infrastructure Services Sean Mallon today for a ‘consultation’ to see if we could reach an agreed outcome. It was very clear from the outset that they had arrived with a predetermined outcome — the hedge will be cut back to the boundary up to 2 metres in height. There was no consultation.

Despite the traffic report commissioned by KCDC saying a stop sign at Fairway Oaks, convex mirrors and a new street light were viable options, and despite the KCDC arborist report saying that the proposed cut will cause irreparable damage to the hedge, and despite the encroachment of the hedge onto “council” land being only one of hundreds in the area, no alternatives to the chainsaw were offered by KCDC. Cars will rule our community: that is their message.

We fear this is just the beginning. The Old Beach area of Waikanae has many boundary aberrations, simply because of it’s age. When many of the boundary plantings were done, there were gravel roads, no curbs, no footpaths.

This action by KCDC will open a can of worms. We think now is the time to tell KCDC to STOP. We don’t want a community designed for cars, we want a community designed for people. Please share this message. We are being bullied. It needs to stop. We need to take this opportunity to tell KCDC that this is our community, we pay the rates and they work for us. They need to listen.

He tangata, he tangata, he tangata

Raechel and Vince Osborne