Ford Prefect hotrod

a 1952 Ford Popular — ‘who’d’a thunk you’d hot rod one of them?’

carjammers fashion showgirls

This was well attended by those who turned up to see about 150 cars from the 1940s — 1970s (and a few outside that range); some standard restored and a lot modified, nearly all American makes with a few Australian and British. “No Jappas” meant no Japanese (a reference to cars, not people 🙂 ).

Upon the multi-car ‘All Fired Up’ at Noon, you could have been excused for thinking that you had arrived on the set of a Mad Max movie, but there were also more gentille things to look at, including the fashion parade for young girls and older girls (above).  Cr Buswell a.k.a. Ange of Superminx was one of the two judges, but the crowd also got to choose their favourite.