Smears of the most obnoxious type against Councillor David Scott [news item hereEds] are indicative not of the councillor’s alleged wrongdoing, but of the continuing dysfunction of KCDC, despite His Worship Gurunathan being elected to end the nonsense that pervaded the prior council. There seems to be a long-running pattern of victimisation.

Questions that need asking, rather than the regurgitation of bilge, include:

1. Why was this supposedly confidential complaint leaked to the media? There were very few who knew about the matter;

2. Why did the complainant forward details of her complaint to a contractor engaged in work for KCDC that David Scott has opposed?

I know from my own experiences of two years ago, having been falsely accused of chasing a female councillor around chamber with my walking stick, in order to have me silenced, how readily a few senior staff and councillors will blatantly lie and seemingly think nothing of destroying one’s reputation to advance some agenda. His Worship Gurunathan knows this full well.

Hopefully others who have been victimised by council with lies and smears will step forward and expose what is happening. It is ironic, or perhaps predictable, that the one councillor who is known as a man of honour and integrity finds himself in this situation.

Kerry Bolton with Kathy Thomson

This sentence in this article –

“David Scott said the council was trying to force him to resign over the incident because he was the lone voice of dissent around the council table, which included voting against a pay rise for the chief executive.”

probably explains it? – Eds