Town Centres Spend

These are simply raw totals with no breakdown and don’t reveal what has been spent on consultants, fancy ‘spin’, fixing up blunders, etc.

The 2017-2018 Annual plan statement (see earlier) merely says:

“Mahara Gallery and the Waikanae Library form a gateway to Mahara Place. Neither the gallery nor the library buildings were designed for the purposes for which they are now used, and substantial upgrading of both facilities is planned to start in 2018/19 with design work scheduled for 2017/18. The Mahara Gallery Trust is fundraising for its share (two thirds) of the cost of the gallery upgrade and has a target of 30 June 2018 to complete this.”

What if the Mahara Gallery Trust doesn’t manage to raise two thirds?  Will this proceed?

What else is going to happen other than this?  The same document states:

“Local communities have told us what they want and we are translating these concepts into vibrant centres for both communities. We are taking full advantage of the opportunities provided by recent developments, such as the construction of the Expressway and the change of SH1 to a local road, to maximise the benefits for each town. Construction of the first building block projects in Paraparaumu will begin before the end of 2017.”

Are you any the wiser?  We thought not.