Today in the Porirua court, David’s barrister Mike Antunovic asked for the allegation of Council boss Dougherty (via his accomplice on his staff) to be decided in a jury trail and in Wellington, which was granted.  A jury trial is normally better for a defendant when available as it removes the risk of cronyism if a judge decides things alone.  Unfortunately, it also means a delay of a year or more as there is a significant waiting list for jury trials.

In the meantime, Antunovic will ask for Dougherty’s requested bail conditions that were granted in May, including David’s ban from the KCDC building and therefore council meetings, to be revoked, the hearing for which will be in September in Wellington.

Once Dougherty’s allegation has been disposed of, it will be his turn in the dock instead, as David tells us he intends to prosecute the council.