These are set out in the Local Government Act, which along with the Resource Management Act are the two cornerstones of local government in NZ.

This is particularly pertinent at present because of the stoush in Horowhenua between the Mayor and the CE (and most of the councilors).  There is no such conflict in Kapiti where Mayor Guru is totally subservient to unelected council boss Mr Dougherty.

Section 42 says that the CE is responsible for employing staff, but this is qualified: “in accordance with any remuneration and employment policy”.  Clearly there isn’t one in Kapiti and there urgently needs to be.   Is the present council simply going to let Mr Dougherty continue to have carte blanche in this?  Unfortunately, we expect so.

On a related issue, why was the corporist term “Chief Executive” of councils adopted not so long ago?  Councils are not businesses (and if the KCDC was, it would quickly go bust). In America they are usually called the “Chief Administrative Officer” which is a more appropriate term.

LGA mayors