no ewy brakes

As has been made clear on social media, Kapiti residents who live near the ‘Ewy’ are unhappy about the amount of noise that traffic produces on it, and this stuff article appeared on Saturday about it. The average night-time noise level is 67 dB, above the 57 dB which is required by the resource consents that were issued for the ‘Ewy’.

Although we can’t hear it where we are, we well know what it’s like to experience protracted, excessive noise, and sympathise with those who can.

We looked at this issue before it opened in this post from last September and said that a continuous unbroken wall is needed to reduce it effectively.

This would have the effect of reducing the view of Kapiti scenery for motorists, and it would cost significant money, although not much in proportion to the overall cost of the ‘Ewy’