An unusual and intriguing blog we’ve stumbled upon was this entitled “Magnificent Facilities: A Blog About Anxiety and Toilets.” Er, um, right.  Well, they are important and patrons who need to use one want it to be pleasant.  We entered ‘Waikanae’ in the search box and yes there is an entry: from March 2015, for the Front Room Café on Tutere Street.

And it’s quite favourable:


The Front Room is a genuinely lovely cafe in a random town by a rather nice beach (do I sound like enough of an Aucklander in that perhaps a little too patronising sentence??) Their aesthetic was something I could easily get into combining retro kiwiana and the current wave of hipster-esk pseudo industrial fittings and fixtures. The garden out the back offered something most Auckland cafe’s cannot; fresh air and space to avoid touching strangers or breathing their post respiratory air.

The full post with pics, not just of the loo 🙂