El Car park

The VIPs shelter under the tent (held down by sandbags in case it became a kite) erected for them; here are, among others, Mayor Guru, Janet Holborow, Michael Scott, Penny Gaylor, and Eva wearing the sunnies. 🙂

Dedication stone

The Dedication Stone with the silver plaque mounted on it.  It was unveiled by removing the cloak visible in the above photo.  The schoolchildren from Kapanui School, accompanied by a guitarist, are performing the waiata.  The top of the barber’s truck is discernible, and red blossoms of a rhododendron tree.

Today at 10 am a group including the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Michael Scott and regional councilor Penny Gaylor showed up for the ceremony which only included two speeches, one from a Regional Council staffer, who was apologetic about the length of time it has all taken (2 years plus); a result of drainage, asbestos and archeological issues.

Anyway, it’s there now: 226 parking spaces, a special place for the mobile barber’s truck (see earlier post) and 3 electric vehicle spaces (see earlier post) which Spark (a.k.a. Telecom) is going to provide power points for.

In the top photo is one of the lampposts: these have a cluster of CCTV pods half way up, which are spread throughout the whole parking area.

The parking spaces are free and unlimited, but the expectation is that during the weekends there will be enough vacant space available for events such as a market, although Mahara Place seems adequate for that as it is.