In a recent post we asked what the next government is going to do about the country’s unacceptably high number of homeless.

It’s just as much a legitimate question to ask those who advocate bringing in more ‘refugees’ from other parts of the world ­– shouldn’t the priority be to help those who are here now, in many cases all their lives?

Unfortunately, those who ask that question often get labelled as ‘racists’ and ‘fascists’ by those who want more ‘refugees’.

The term refugee implies someone seeking asylum from persecution by a despotic government; not simply someone who is poor as a result of warfare or a natural disaster in their home country.  How many of the ‘refugees’ that enter NZ every year fit that description?  Not a lot, we submit.

If the intent is to increase foreign aid, then why not do that directly?

Bringing people into your country to live with you is no different to bringing people into your home – you want to know all about them first.

Immigration officials must ensure all immigrants are:-

  1. Going to earn their own keep;
  2. Going to behave themselves – this includes not trying to impose their culture/religion/ideology on their hosts;
  3. Not bringing diseases with them

Australia now has a lot of problems as a result of this not being done adequately with the ‘boat people’ from Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as migrants from certain Middle East countries.

And everyone who has been following it closely knows the disaster that has been occurring in Europe in the last few years as a result of millions of unvetted migrants (some of whom are genuine refugees, but most not) flooding in seeking an easy life; particularly due to the stupidity of certain politicians in Germany and Sweden.

‘Charity begins at home.’