An e-mail received today from the council is below. As we have asked before — why all these employees?  And — what has been the cost of this budget blowout?

It reminds you of the lines of the closing tune for the Alas Smith & Jones comedy TV show of the 1990s:

“Here’s a list of cast and crew / Christ alone knows what they do”

Following on from our response to you dated 12 June 2017, I am now able to provide you with more updated information in regard to your question requesting “the number of full time equivalent employees that the council has of now”.

This updated information is available as a result of the recent collation of information for our annual report.

For the 2016/17 year the council’s approved full time equivalent total was 314. As at 30 June 2017 this number was represented as a total of 402 employees made up from 242 full time, 70 part time, and 90 fixed term and casual employees.

Kind regards

Sarah Lloyd
Senior Advisor, Corporate Planning and Reporting