He’s off on 1 December to become the boss of Nelson City — fantastic news for Kapiti ratepayers; our commiserations to Nelson ratepayers.

Mr Dougherty says he has enjoyed his time in Kapiti and the time was right to step up and try something different.
“I am very proud of my staff, the quality of our organisation and what it has achieved in my time here. But after nearly a decade in the role, the attraction of new challenges had become increasingly difficult to ignore.
“Taking on the role at Nelson City Council presents some exciting new opportunities for me. It’s a unitary council, with the responsibilities of both a city and regional council, and the team there is working on a number of significant and innovative projects that I would like to be involved with,” Mr Dougherty says.

Full article on the KC News website

We wonder how damming the evidence about his behaviour to be presented in the Cr David Scott case was, motivating him to get out before he was forced to…

It is now up to the Mayor and Councilors to appoint someone who is the exact opposite of Dougherty — someone who believes in the people being sovereign and not him/herself, who is willing to listen to what ratepayers say, who is humble and knows the art of diplomacy, has people skills, can see the big picture, and most of all wants to achieve good value for Kapiti ratepayers after 9 years of very bad value.

Let’s hope they don’t blow it.