St Andrews 1

St Andrews 2Although the name St Andrews and the Scottish flag suggest a Presbyterian church, this is Anglican. The hall, however, was a Presbyterian church built in 1862 at Parewanui near Tangimoana in the Rangitikei district. It was prepared as a refuge, with musket ports on each side because of the possibility of intertribal disputes, although it was never used as such.

It was relocated three times before being installed as the church hall at Reikorangi in 2001.

Between 1892 and 1893, Reikorangi was surveyed and the ‘Church Acre’ was laid out to include a school, town hall, church, churchyard and a store. Like the land for the railway, the land for these was donated by the Parata family. With a growing population and only a rough track to reach Waikanae (then known as Parata Village), the need for a church became urgent. St Andrew’s was a copy of Wiremu Parata’s church which was moved up from its original site at Tukurakau, the original Waikanae Village site off Greenaway Road) to Parata Village when the railway arrived.

In 1959 a vestry and chancel were added. The church’s bell is from the wreck of the Devon in Wellington harbour in 1913.