Info from the KCDC website is reproduced below.  The vehicle ban applies to all areas south of the Waimeha stream.  North of there, Blokarts are allowed (see picture). On Peka Peka Beach cars are allowed too.




Vehicles are permitted to access beaches:

  • to launch or retrieve boats in designated boat launch areas, provided they take the shortest practical route
  • to drive along the foreshore in beach driving areas ONLY – see above  maps showing accessways and driving zones on the beach
  • for emergency purposes.

       Note: two-wheeled motorbikes are banned from all beach areas.

Any vehicle brought onto the beach must:

  • access the beach via an authorised vehicle accessway (as long as 10km/h isn’t exceeded on these accessways)
  • not be parked in a way that blocks access for other beach users
  • be driven in a safe and careful manner (no more than 20km/h, in permitted beach driving areas ONLY)
  • not be repeatedly driven back and forth over the same stretch of wet sand (as this can damage shellfish beds)
  • not be driven onto dune areas as they are fragile and contain breeding birds and erosion control plants.