According to the Council webpage, “The formal consultation on the Draft Management Plan for Maclean Park has closed” and public hearings with Council took place at yesterday in the Council Chambers. Those who wanted to be heard need not have bothered, however, as the council will have already decided what it’s going to do.

From the drawing above, it looks like it’s goodbye to the once rather appealing duck pond, the one which council contractors botched the resurfacing of last year — as a result it leaked and has since looked triste as the French would say.  But instead of getting the contractors to perform remedial work, the council has clearly decided to replace it with grass.

Other than the cost of this whole revamp, the need for which isn’t apparent, we haven’t paid much attention to it. It’s mentioned here mainly as being yet another example of the council fixation with the Capital of the Empire, Paraparaumu, to the neglect of the next town north, Waikanae.