Guru has sent councilors an e-mail asking for 5 qualities they would like to see in the new council Chief Executive.

Here is our list of 20 qualities that Guru and the councilors should ascertain and expect:

  • honest: does not tell lies, or pay others to tell lies
  • accountable: to the council and the public; no secrecy of any kind
  • will not award contracts and positions to mates just because they are mates
  • hard-working
  • astute
  • will admit mistakes and carry responsibility for them
  • of temperate disposition
  • not interested in personal prestige
  • wants high operational efficiency
  • has people skills: knows how to get the best out of people and eliminate the bad
  • knows the art of diplomacy
  • wants good value for ratepayers
  • will listen to the people and heed what they have to say
  • believes in real communication, not propaganda
  • is alert to technological changes, but monitors them before deciding on them
  • will not run off to overpriced, self-serving consultants at every opportunity
  • accepts that the council is there to provide public services, not build an empire
  • wants a workplace that both employees and councilors can be proud of, not embarrassed about
  • knows how to balance the conflicting interests of communities and developers
  • wants a beautiful, environmentally-minded and harmonious Kapiti

It goes without saying that they are qualities the Mayor should show, too.