For those who didn’t get to to visit the display in Mahara Place today, here is a large version of the council consultants’ design (click for full size).

They are inviting comments so make sure you contribute them.  If enough people say the same things they may even get heeded. Their webpage

A few immediate comments of ours:

  • On the Main Road, ditch the unneeded cycle lanes and the wide grassy median strip; keep the existing two lanes on each side all the way.
  • Mahara place needs colour! Particularly it needs some colourful pavers to replace the expanse of dull grey.  Perhaps take the pattern of the fence between the Marae and Te Papa Motokā (see earlier photo) and use that?
  • Make the fake grass patch installed in the last few days 3-4 times bigger and permanent.
  • Curved paths are more appealing than straight ones.