It was an assembly of Hot Rods, Classics, Kustoms and Muscle Cars — porn for petrolheads (or gearheads if you’re American) and definitely not a place for Low-Carbon types!

Nearly all cars were American with a scattering of Australian and a Brit lurking here and there — but no Germans or Japs.

A stage with bands (playing songs such as ‘Life is a Highway’), fashion shows and vendors filled out the spare space.

Here’s a few of the many pics we took — a second batch tomorrow.

1971 Mercury Cougar
Summing up the theme of the day?  A 1971 Mercury Cougar
1963 Plymouth Belvedere

1963 Plymouth Belvedere

1957 Lincoln Continental

1957 Lincoln

1959 Plymouth Savoy

1959 Plymouth Savoy

1958 edsel Citation

a 1958 Edsel Citation — with the famous horse collar grille (it has been likened to other things)

1973 Ford escort

A diminutive Brit — a 1973 Ford Escort.  The standard car was quite underpowered, but this looks to have been given some extra grunt.


1963 Cadillac Coup de Ville rear

at the other end of the scale, a car that’s even bigger than it looks — a 1963 Cadillac Coupe de Ville