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by Jim Cable

The Nelson Mail published this letter from me on 19 March after “editing” two pieces from it.  Possibly, the first cut was justifiable on grounds of taste — but I feel the second, given the substance of the letter, was indefensible.  After speaking to an editorial staffer yesterday, in attempt to ascertain the reason, I told him I would circulate the “unexpurgated” version.

Here’s the original letter showing the cuts.

Today, almost every contentious issue seems to be handled back-to-front.  For example, police are charged with preventing crime and sometimes need to take firm measures.  So if smart-ass-drivers or wanted criminals opt to flee to avoid arrest, is it really in society’s interest that police abandon pursuits because someone might get hurt?  Doesn’t such wishy-washiness convey all the wrong signals and encourage more boneheads to take their chances?
On Sunday, two long-record criminals — disqualified drivers with outstanding warrants — opted to flee and, tragically, a well-respected woman was an innocent victim when they inadvertently exterminated themselves.  We all grieve deeply for that lady, and for her family who’re paying hugely for the murderous willfulness of two who should have been dealt-to far more severely, far earlier in their lives.
We have Andrew Little’s idiot desire to see our prisons emptied.  Patently, he completely ignores the fact that many inmates will always be a threat to our society and that, outside capital punishment, there’s simply no other option.  The PC-inspired stupidity of abolishing corporal punishment in schools, together with Helen Clark’s outlawing of parental smacking, have spawned a generation unconcerned about the consequences of its actions – let alone any thought of embracing personal responsibility.