Frater Lane concrete

A media release from the council has advised that beautification work [already mentioned in an earlier post] of the space between the GWRC commuter car park and Mahara Place begins this week.

We asked the council: “Can you tell us if any plans exist for beautifying the concrete surface of Frater Lane in Waikanae, such as flower bed borders, and/or a new surface?” and attached the above photo.

The reply below from Sarah Lloyd, Senior Advisor, Corporate Planning and Reporting, in essence repeats what is on the council website, so it’s a case of ‘wait and see’:

Yes there are plans as part of the Town Centres project in Waikanae.  The first stage of works will be in the form of ‘cultural significant paving’ at the entrance to Frater lane. This is part of the Cultural Thread project, being developed in partnership with Whakarongotai Marae.

This project concentrates on the area that takes you from the Greater Wellington Regional Council car park, past the Marae through to Mahara Place.

Elements of this first stage include:

  • resurfacing with distinctive materials, making sure paths make moving about easy for all ages and abilities
  • working with local Iwi to effectively incorporate the Marae into the town centre, increasing its visibility and acknowledging its importance as a site of cultural significance
  • Improving street lighting, planting and places to rest and relax.

The upgrade of the SH1 entrance to Frater Lane will happen separately, as part of the NZ Transport Agency’s investment in the town centre to make SH1 a local road.