by Apihaka Mack

WAI 1018 and WAI 609.

Ngātiawa Claimants are not represented by Ngati Toa and Raukawa controlled Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust (AWCT). AWCT is a member of KCDC of Whakameinga Komiti, also controlled by the Raukawa Chairman. This KCDC Committee does not represent any Ngātiawa Ki Kapiti whanau, Hapu/Clan or Treaty Claimants.

The Ministry of Justice has spent over $500,000 on WAI 1018 only in the last 10 years. They will not waste this investment by stripping Ngātiawa of all Treaty Claim Rights.

To cater for AWCT who have not attended a Waitangi Tribunal Judicial Conference for 10 years: their mandated status is being challenged with the Crown due to the Ombudsman’s 2012 investigation into the Trust Deed where registered “members were naive to believe they were beneficiaries.” The Crown breached their own Legislation in a mandated Iwi issue.

It is important to note the only links with Ngati Toa and Raukawa controlled Atiawa ki Whakarongotai is through through inter-marriages. If I marry an Apache American native, it does not make me an Apache — I still only have Ngātiawa Maori blood.  The majority of Ngātiawa have no Raukawa or Ngati Toa blood.

The Waitangi Tribunal has booked the first Treaty Claim Hearing for Whakarongotai Marae Trustees and Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trustees, which will be held on 25-28 June 2018 at Kapiti Senior Citizens’ Hall, 2 Utauta Street, Waikanae.