The whole nature of the council siege of Cr David Scott requires a full exposé.  We will do what we can, but the investigations will take at least 3 months.

In the meantime, this is a letter from a reader to the Kapiti News editor, who as we’ve noted, is reluctant to publish anything critical of the council.

Dear Mr Haxton

I refer to the article ‘Loss of confidence in under siege councillor’, (Kapiti News, May 30, 2018, p. 5). His Worship K. Gurunathan is quoted as stating that given the guilty verdict regarding Cr. Dr. David Scott, His Worship has ‘a political responsibility to relay [a] clear message to our communities’, that Dr. Scott has lost the confidence of all councillors and the majority of community board members.

Given that this matter is still before the courts, and that a conviction has not been secured, it is surely not appropriate for Kapiti News to have reported these politically opportunistic comments.

The report, the gleeful promptness of His Worship in making the comments, and the unseemly haste of the council in regard to legal matters that have not yet been fully resolved, is particularly gutless and dishonourable given that the stress inflicted on Dr. Scott, over the course of more than a year, resulted in him having an SVT attack on Thursday 31 May, and undergoing lengthy  surgery for a pacemaker on Friday 1 June; the culmination of several such attacks over the course of the time that Dr. Scott has endured the filthy accusation.

So congratulations to the cowardly liars in KCDC who have long regarded Dr. Scott as a hindrance to their perks, rates rises, pay rises and wasteful expenditure.

K.R Bolton