Extracts from the latest newsletter

Tutere Winter HoursWinter was coming and now it is here! A change in the season since I last spoke to you and some exciting changes here at Tutere Gallery & Creative Space.

During Winter everything slows down and here at the beach that means a steep decline in the numbers of people visiting the gallery. Therefore this year I have decided to trial ‘Creative Co-working’ in the gallery spaces, more information below on this. And I have decided to change our opening hours to during the working week which will allow me some much needed family time on the weekends.

Towards the end of September our exciting exhibition schedule will kick off with “100 Days — A Journey” and we will revert back to weekend opening hours, more details below around this also.

I hope you are all staying warm and healthy and don’t forget you can always get in touch with me direct ly at:  tutere.gallery@gmail.com.

Noho ora mai, Kate Hartmann


As you know, Sara Boland has been our Artist in Residence now for about 3 months. It has been such a mutually beneficial experience that we decided it made sense during these slower months to open up this opportunity to others, so they too can experience what we have. Magic happens when people work creatively alongside each other, a special energy is generated. New pathways and directions open up and growth is enabled through safe constructive support.

We looked at the available gallery space and divided it up into 4 areas that people can rent out on a casual or permanent basis. Sara will remain in her space and Kate in her studio and both will be working in their studios on a WednesdayThursday and Friday.

The gallery will also be open to the public on these days but creatives wanting to book spaces are not limited to only these days. A shared calendar  with visibility of bookings, exhibitions and classes is available to view and as we wish to limit numbers to no more than 5 artists (incl Sara and I) at one time, small numbers mean we have the ability to be flexible.

Each artist will have their own studio space, WIFI access, tea and coffee, heating, toilet facilities and if requested mentoring from Kate. By default, artists working in the space also become part of the Tutere Community and therefore will have opportunities to attend monthly artist get together’s and networking opportunities. Casual day rates are priced at $35 per space and there are discounts available if booking 3 or more days per week.

Doing something creative regularly is so important for good mental well being and thinking creatively and taking the time to be mindful in today’s fast paced world is more important than ever. I am constantly being told by the public and people who take our regular art workshops what a lovely space Tutere Gallery is to be and work in, and it really is that special. Opportunities to work in an environment like this are rare so here’s your chance to get on board. Get in touch today!



As some of you will recall, 6 artists including myself took part in the 100 Day Challenge last year. It was an amazing experience and as a result a fantastic exhibition at the end. Lisa Call and I decided we would love to share this experience with others and so we spent some time developing a program pitched at 3 different levels of participation.

We have ended up creating a brand new community of 55 people from as far afield as the USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Australia and NZ! It’s been so special and such a privilege being a part of this group as we each share our personal journey and work with each other. It’s all very exciting and as I write this it’s only Day 15!

Some artists opted to participate fully in the 100 Day experience and have signed up to exhibit their work at Tutere Gallery at the end of the project. I’m really thrilled with the 12 artists we have and know it is going to be an absolutely amazing exhibition. We hope to see you at the opening on September the 28th.