In reference to the article on water by Cr Elliott on the KC News site and the response by Local Government CEO Malcolm Alexander referred to in yesterday’s post.

”Mr Alexander says Councillor Elliott appears to misunderstand the funding issue: “A core part of the localism project is a review of local government funding mechanisms. A localism approach could never be funded by a rates-based funding model.”

”Mr Alexander says LGNZ will be polling councils shortly to ascertain their positions on regulation and aggregation. This response will assist LGNZ to develop a final position.

“Regarding the privatisation of water assets, the Government has made it very clear that  public ownership of water assets will continue.”

This is where partnership discussions begin in Treaty Claim Negotiations which will not begin until the Waitangi Tribunal has written their final report and recommendations, which will take a year or two.

After my last post, a lot of chaos occurred.  The Marae trustees objected to the Waikanae Senior Citizens venue being used, Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Marae and Charitable Trust forced the cancellation of the July 2018 Hearing.

Judge Carin Fox with the Waitangi Tribunal Judicial Table was not impressed.  They were notified if they didn’t sort their issues out, Te Atiawa Treaty Claim Hearings would be cancelled.  They would have to wait until after Raukawa finished theirs in a couple of years.  This prompted a change of attitude: the first week will now occur at El Rancho on 20 August 2018.  The Powhiri at the Marae, site visits then El Rancho.  The second week will be in October at El Rancho, the third in February 2019.

Tuturu Ngātiawa ki Kapiti WAI 1018 & Airport WAI 609

Puketapu will give evidence on the last two days in February 2019 in a secure venue due to ongoing “Lateral Violence” towards WAI 1018 & 609.

As witnessed and recorded in Tribunal Judiciary Conferences for 10 years by Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai, we are NOT the same people.  Our whakapapa is only Ngātiawa, we are not Ngati Toa or Raukawa.

Originally in 1950, the Marae was registered as a meeting place for Ngātiawa, Ngati Toa and Raukawa with the Maori Land Court.   In 1989 Matui Solomon of Ngati Toa renamed Marae Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai, as Maori Affairs would not fund them under Ngatiawa.

The majority of Ngātiawa did not get notified or given the right to vote on the name change. The issues that are well known in the community stems from the predominantly Ngati Toa and Raukawa domination of the administration of Marae and Charitable Trust. Also, you have the Marae v Charitable Trust internal issues.

Tuturu Ngātiawa withdrew from the chaos in 2012 continued researching and preparing our WAI 1018 claim filed in 2002.  Accepted by the Tribunal as claimants, Tribunal and Crown Forest Rental Trust Researchers conceded the only historical-evidence-based documentation they could find was Ngātiawa.

For generations, 147 years, we have been ridiculed by Toa and Raukawa with “you Ngatiawa rode in on Ngati Toa horse” in 2018 Ngati Toa and Raukawa want to “jump on Ngatiawa horse.” AUE/whatever!

Our position

Ngātiawa will not go into “Direct Negotiations” after hearings are complete: Na!
Ngātiawa will not be blackmailed or bullied by OTS or Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Marae & Charitable Trust to go into “Direct Negotiations”: Na!

We do not accept the “Mandated Iwi” as they are responsible for withholding the fact the Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Asset Holding Company did not receive the “Fisheries Settlement” in 2005.

The settlement went to an individual sole director’s bank account. Also, Mandate Iwi according to Ombudsman Report: “registered members were naive to believe they were beneficiaries of the Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust.”

Those who have knowledge of Treaty Claim Negotiations and legislation will comprehend why there will be no bribe accepted from OTS by Ngātiawa – Na!
Tuturu Ngātiawa will wait for the Waitangi Tribunal Report and Recommendations before discussions occur.

Nga Mihi,
Apihaka Tamati/Pirikawau Mack of Ngaatiawa Ki Kapiti te Takutai