Parramatta trees

In NZ the equivalent, Arbor Day, is marked on 5 June which is World Environment Day.

In Kapiti, protection rules for native trees were substantially relaxed in 2015 in part due to the unfortunate backlash over the prosecution of the Standens in 2014.

We have commented often about the importance of trees to the urban environment and the attitude of a certain local property businessman who doesn’t like them, and has taken advantage of the tree protection relaxation on his properties.

Across the Tasman, however, council tree protection rules are tough and can apply not just to natives, but all trees.

An extract from the City of Sydney website is below.

A pertinent blog post dealing with the situation in Sydney’s Inner West is here

Before you prune or remove a tree from your residential or business property, you must apply for permission from the City of Sydney. Depending on the tree species, condition of the tree or the type of pruning required, some exemptions may apply.

Our tree management controls aim to protect individual trees and the city’s urban forest.

All trees (except heritage trees)

To remove or prune a tree that is protected under the Sydney Development Control Plan 2012 but is not a heritage tree, you will need to apply for a permit.

Heritage items

If the tree you want to remove is a heritage item included on the heritage trees listyou will need development consent.

If the works are minor, are for pruning, or are to maintain the heritage item and it will not affect its heritage significance or the heritage conservation area, and it is not included on the heritage trees listyou will need to apply for a permit.

Please note, if a site inspection shows removing or substantially pruning the tree is not minor works, development consent will be required.