Although only a distance of about 500 metres, this is where things begin to get controversial as it is a built-up area. It’s clear from the diagramized photo that they intend widening the footpath (sidewalk) on the west side, although why isn’t clear as there are very few pedestrians along here.

The only businesses apart from the Maison 8 café, are Bohanna Motors, the A1 Homes and Harcourts offices. All have their own parking areas, so the conversion of the western road shoulder in this section into the Politically Correct cycle lane isn’t going to bother them.

It is acknowledged that the Waikanae River bridge isn’t wide enough for the Politically Correct cycle lane on both sides.

It’s not clear from the reference to “a single lane” if the northbound double lane just before the Te Moana Road intersection is going to stay as such — hopefully it will, but we have a strong sense of foreboding about that.

As we have said before, we don’t really see any need for changes, except some provision for north-south pedestrians at the Te Moana Road intersection.

The following NZTA statements are reproduced verbatim.

Proposed changes

  • Re-configuring the road markings to cater for a painted median, a single traffic lane, and an on on-road cycle lane in each direction.
  • The painted medians will be retained and re-marked in the centre of the road to enable people to turn into their driveways.
  • New raised islands in the painted median.
  • New pedestrian crossings and a shared path along the western side of the road, from the Waikanae River Bridge to Te Moana Road, to enhance the connectivity and safety for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • A new kerb along the shared path including the installation of new drainage infrastructure.
  • A new crossing point will be installed with raised medians in the painted median to encourage cyclists onto the shared path where the road corridor and river bridge is too narrow to cater for on-road cycle lanes. The crossing will be located on the north side of the river bridge.
  • New lighting and signage along the shared path.
  • A new cycle warning system installed on the approaches to the river bridge.
  • New road signage appropriate for a local road.
  • New feature landscaping and tree planting to improve amenity.
  • Re-configure the lanes at the Te Mona Road signalised intersection to suit the traffic movements, volumes and to incorporate the on-road cycle lanes.
  • Waikanae-bridge-to-Te-Moana

    As the section looks now, just north of Maison 8.

  • Waikanae-bridge-to-Te-Moana-proposed

    As it will look after widening the footpath.