argentine-antAnother post from the Spotlight on Paraparaumu and Raumati FB page says that the Raumati South Residents Association has successfully trialed a low-cost homemade borax-based bait to remove Argentine ants.

These ants are known to be in Waikanae also.

“It is now the end of winter and ants have largely become dormant, but will soon dramatically increase in numbers when the warmer weather arrives. RSRA member Jenny Scott believes it is feasible to reduce ant infestation to about 20% of the [pre-bait] population once baiting is commenced, but this will require a commitment from the community to coordinate baiting, and from Councils and Community groups to keep the public informed and motivated.”

Jenny Scott has also written to the Mayor, outlining the work of the Raumati South Residents’ Association and options for ant control, stating that a district wide campaign may be possible.

This letter is available to read here (6-page pdf).  An extract:-

Fortunately, all ants, are susceptible to slow acting borax baits. These are available commercially or can be made at home. Borax in small quantities is safe for humans and animals, and very cheap. But it is toxic to bees and all other invertebrates, and to fish.

Making bee-proof ant baits may be cheap and easy, but it is also very time-consuming, needs to be maintained over several weeks, and may contribute to plastic pollution. To make the bait stations we ordered small pill capsules from our local chemist at 7c each, and encouraged householders to save them carefully for re-use. These capsules had to have holes drilled in the lids, something which most households could manage themselves. But a proportion of the population will need help with this.

Borax is also effective for cockroach infestation, but would require different dispensers.