KCDC comparison

Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board members Guy Burns and Bernie Randall are horrified at Kapiti Coast District Council’s poor result in the recently released Taxpayers Union’s Ratepayers’ Report.

The Mayor and Waikanae Ward Councillor Michael Scott claim that the Report shows KCDC performing well: the reality is far less attractive, particularly in terms of debt where the Report shows KCDC as having the highest level of total liabilities per ratepayer for a provincial council in New Zealand.

Also of concern for a small council, the Report gives Kapiti Coast District Council having 44 staff with a salary of over $100,000, the sixth highest level of New Zealand’s provincial councils.

They want an independent review undertaken of the organisation structure of Council with the goals of achieving greater efficiency, effectiveness and savings for ratepayers.

Details on the Taxpayers Union website (registration required)

Below are the salary bands contained in the the KCDC draft annual report to 30 June.

This also states that while non-permanent contractors decreased from 90 to 79, that was more than made up for by the increase in permanent staff from 312 to 338.  What do all these people do?KCDC staff pay