This section also includes the Politically Correct cycle lanes (when will they create additional Politically Correct lanes for those who ride horses?), but here they won’t be too contentious as (at present) it is a rural area and the road shoulders which NZTA/KCDC plan to convert to cycle lanes shouldn’t need to involve traffic lane narrowing.

The following statements are reproduced verbatim:

  • New road layout to suit the traffic movements and lower traffic volumes since the Expressway opening.
  • Re-configuring the road markings to cater for a painted median (where it exists), a single traffic lane and an on-road cycle lane in both directions.
  • Localised road/pavement widening required along the eastern side to cater for the on-road cycle lanes.
  • Reducing the speed from Hemi Street to the Expressway Peka Peka Link Road from 100km/h to 80km/h. This change is considered appropriate to improve safety for all people of all abilities.
  • Removing the passing lane to improve safety and to suit the lower traffic volumes since the Kāpiti Expressway has opened.
  • New road signage appropriate for a local road.
  • plan for Waikanae-north
  • plan for-Waikanae-north-proposed

    It looks like the median will be reduced in width a bit to make the cycle lanes even wider.


    Being so recent, the cycle lane space was included in this section.

  • Greenhill-to-PekaPeka-proposed

    The cycle lane here looks almost as wide as the traffic lane.