According to this article on the stuff website:-

Wainui saddle

Māori carvings or a feature gateway could be built on Transmission Gully if the Porirua and Kāpiti mayors get their way.

As work continues on the $630 million expressway, a prime spot for artwork marking the border of Porirua City and the Kāpiti Coast is being decided on.

The Wainui Saddle on the hill above Paekākāriki has been identified as a possible location for the project, Kāpiti Coast mayor K Gurunathan said.

The idea was raised in 2015 for both the Kapiti and Transmission Gully Ewy’s to become a ‘sculptural highway’ as reported in this  Joel Maxwell story, but it was ruled out by Mayor Church.

We like the idea and Porirua has some carved Māori sculptures in its town centre, so we went along to take some pics of them, as shown below.

Any one of them in giant size would create attention, although we suspect the ones showing an erect phallus would have a mixed reaction in the bizarre Political Correctness culture that the Kapiti council possesses. 🙂

Porirua carving4Porirua carving5Porirua carvingsPorirua carvings3