The statement below is on the KCDC website.

We were told at the meeting that the planned cycle lanes between Te Moana Road and Ngaio Road on both sides are going to be dropped, not “put on hold”, and the “road widening” simply means that the central (new grassy) median won’t be as wide as was planned; although they still want to get rid of one of the two northbound traffic lanes between Elizabeth Street and Ngaio Road as exist now, they are talking about one lane which is like a “king single”, wider than usual.

The ornate stone wall is doomed, but they were receptive to bollards to stop a car from Elizabeth Street careening across the road into a shop.

“Following discussions with the Waikanae Community Board and community advocacy groups, we’re working with NZTA to make changes to the proposed layout for State Highway 1 through Waikanae. This includes trying to keep the free turns at Te Moana Rd, road widening to improve safety, and improvements to the Ngaio Rd traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. We’ve also put the cycle lane plans on hold while we look into other options.”