The KCDC outdoor swimming pool in Ngarara Road, which opens for the summer season today, will soon be the second site for measuring the district’s official temperatures.

Up until now, the weather station at the Paraparaumu airport has been the temperature measuring site for Kapiti.

Metservice will look at the temperatures recorded from both locations and the highest of the two will go to media each day.

The decision to establish a weather station at the Waikanae Pool came after Cr Mike Cardiff questioned whether the weather station located at the Airport was the best place for measurements, given its nearness to the sea.

“Waikanae and Otaki boast some of the highest temperatures in the district, yet we weren’t seeing them reflected in our daily temperatures. The Waikanae pool is further inland and closer to district’s centre, which means we’ll be able to get temperatures that better represent the warm climate we enjoy on the Kapiti Coast,” he says.

Whether Kapiti has a warm climate is a matter of opinion, of course, but Waikanae is nearly always 2° or 3°C higher than Wellington. It will be interesting to see how the two temperatures compare, and we’ll suggest to Metservice that both be available on their website somewhere.