Another of the pdfs on the council webpage for tomorrow’s meeting is this, which amid the high profile investment gambling scheme has probably attracted little attention.

The document is fairly self-explanatory: this committee now comprises five councilors including the mayor plus two independent members and the paragraphs 3 and 4 make clear that detecting fraud is the primary concern. A bigger general problem, however, is corrupt practices which include things like nepotism, cronyism and backhanders.

It seems Warwick Tuck may just have decided it’s time to move on. Bernie Randall thinks well of him and another contributor says: “From what I can see from the paper the role is poorly paid for the work involved. It carries some serious reputation risk too, and why would you accept that for $190 per meeting. The agenda for each meeting is probably 2 inches thick and would take hours to read — you may get down close to the minimum wage!”