Some readers will have seen the collective statement of NZ’s MSM regarding the forthcoming trial (next year?) of Christchurch gunman Brenton Tarrant.  If you haven’t, well the MSM have in effect collectively stated that they won’t be giving you anything meaningful about the Defence case.  From the Whale Oil blog:-

Our cabal of media moguls have collectively agreed to suppress information. They have, apparently, already convicted someone who admires China and who spent long periods in Turkey and Pakistan, as a white supremacist. What if the issue was something else? How would their censorship actions sound then?

Example One:

  • We shall, to the extent that is compatible with the principles of open justice, limit any coverage of statements, that actively champion fluoridation of the water supply.
  • For the avoidance of doubt the commitment set out at (a) shall include the pro-fluoridation leaflets.
  • We will not broadcast or report on any message, imagery, symbols or signals (including hand signals) made by the pro-fluoridation spokesman or his associates promoting or supporting pro-fluoridation ideology.
  • Where the inclusion of such signals in any images is unavoidable, the relevant parts of the image shall be pixellated.
  • To the greatest extent possible, the journalists that are selected by each of the outlets to cover the fluoridation discussion will be experienced personnel.
  • These guidelines may be varied at any time, subject to a variation signed by all parties.
  • This Protocol shall continue in force indefinitely.

The statement was signed by Media Freedom Committee chair Maxima Obscura, NZTV, NZNME, Puff, RideoNZ and Mediashirks.

“As a group and as individual editors we are committed to ensuring the outlets we represent cover the upcoming debate comprehensively and responsibly.”

Puff Editorial Director said as the “eyes and ears” of the public, the media played a vital role in reporting the discussion. “It’s important not just that the debate is covered, but that it’s seen to be covered.”

Puff would cover the fluoridation debate fairly and accurately, without allowing pro-fluoridation or scientific ideology to be championed, he said.

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