Waiky lib July2019

Strictly speaking, more books than there were before Monday.

We were away for Monday’s opening of the Waikanae Branch Library in the old Artel premises, but here’s a pic taken yesterday.  It has nice new carpet and the ceiling space has been increased.

Maybe it’s still not as good as the space in the old library which was closed because of mould from leaks, but better than the temporary cramped space in Mahara Gallery and it’s what is going to exist for quite some time.

Not all the Waikanae Branch’s books are on display, but the intention is to rotate the stock so there’s good reason for regular visits!  The even better news is that there is a good chance the open space revamp may be finished by the month’s end.

While on the subject of books, the Mahara Gallery also has a small reference library, some of which is on display.  One is this book of sheet music published in 1939 which has this artwork of native Kaka parrots on the cover.